Final Project Log

Whenever you’re ready feel free to introduce yourself.


So hello my name is Jacob Peterson and I have a youtube channel called JAKEHASANAPPLE, where I do vlogging.


What do you vlog about?


So on my channel, I vlog with like skits, and life lessons.


Why do you think most people vlog?



I think a lot of people vlog, to do something creative with their time, because they feel its better than, say, sitting around and watching tv. And just, something really fun to do and do something with your creativity.


Before you went into how JAKEHASANAPPLE is different from Jacob Peterson, can you go into that at all?


Yeah so the way I portray myself on my channel is very upbeat and very happy… and never a downer, and its just kinda how I want to portray myself. And just be happy, do what I think goes with the flow, and really just down to earth.



How are you normally you think?


In real life I can be kind of a downer sometimes, but I always try and keep everything positive…and happy and try to go with the flow and do something really just down to earth.


…….What is your niche in vlogging and are you trying to do some of this?



Uh, Well when I vlog I don’t really have a niche market………and on my channel I try and just get whoever wants to listen and have fun….and if you have a smile on yourself and everyone is going to stay, and have a smile. Because its you know….really attractive to people.


What’s a fun fact about vlogging that people probably don’t know?



Well when you’re vlogging, you’re talking out loud, and you’re working on your oral skills, so if you keep vlogging you’re gonna be a lot better at public speaking and you wont trip over your words as much, because you’re talking often, and when you go back and edit, its a lot easier if you don’t trip on your words, to cut and when you’re naturally just talking out loud that’s just fluid, then its a lot better for public speaking.


What inspired you to begin doing this?



So when I started vlogging, I had been watching youtube for a long time and I said ‘you know what, I wanna start making my own videos’. And I wanted to entertain people, so on my channel I just try to have fun and get people excited for my videos and to leave with a positive attitude.


Do you have a favorite?



Oh that’s a tough one, one of my favorite videos is actually the first video that I made. I made this video called 19 types of college men, and it portrayed 19 different versions of guys who went to college.


Of those college men, who was the best?


Uhhh there was a couple I liked. One of them was called the college entrepreneur. I was all dressed up in business clothing and acting like I was trying to sell something.


What do you do when you’re not jakehasanapple?



So when I’m not being jakehasanapple, I’m playing video games, talking with people, reading books, taking classes. That’s pretty much what I do.




Yeah so I’m a …..i’m a sophomore here and….I’m finishing my sophomore year at Seattle U and I’m a marketing major….and…I’m going to be taking marketing classes over the summer, and I’m going to be minoring in psychology to more better myself in consumer behavior.


What should people know about the youtube community?



Well something people don’t know about the youtube community, is we stick really close together, especially a lot of the smaller channels. Because we start watching each others videos and giving each other feedback and we see how that flows. And the bigger youtubers, they interact with as many people as they can on a daily basis. But when you’re getting tens of thousands of views, its really hard to talk to every single person watching your video. But when you’re getting like 20 active viewers per video, you can talk to every person individually.



What kind of plans do you have for the future?


In the future I wanna start doing social experiments, and see how people react with something they don’t know they’re going to filmed with.


Tell me about making the kiss video, and why did you do it?



So it was getting close to the Seattle University Film Festival and I’ve been putting off making a video and I’ve been watching pranks and social experiments a lot more on youtube lately, and I really wanted to try doing something because its kissing and who doesn’t like kissing? And so I went out and bought the materials because its really cheap, and then had my brother film at the seattle center and I saw a lot of people.


Have you ever had to deal with trolls?



I’ve had to deal with one troll on youtube, there’s not too many people trolling on smaller channels, just because, they’re trying to get a rise out of the commenters..when you’re getting like 10 comments a video its a lot less than a hundred thousand people fighting back and forth.


Have the comments been mostly positive?


About 95 percent of comments are positive.


What else can you say about your videos?



So on my videos, usually i’m doing them by myself. And its a static camera angle, and when you’re doing a static camera angle. So to hold interest you need to add a lot more content to your video then if its moving around. So if you’re getting a lot of action shots. Those speak for themselves, but when you’re doing a static camera angle, you need to make those stand for themselves. So, when I make these videos, the main intent is to show my creative side off. And to make sure that, other people are being entertained when watching my videos.



Are you ever gonna stop making videos?


I’m probably always going to be making videos, whether its like one video every year or few years, I’ll probably always come back and make a video of some sort.






Hangin’ with Josh Trujillo


The sound of typing fills the air. Stuffed animals, video game posters, and Pokemon memorabilia are scattered around Jacob Peterson’s Seattle University dorm room. Jacob’s roommate Austin, sits on his bed and listens to music through his headphones, paying no attention to Jacob on his computer. Each stroke of the keyboard fills the template in front of Jacob. He’s writing his script for his latest YouTube video entry, one he’s been meaning to do for weeks but has never quite gotten around to it. He stops typing and reaches into a drawer. He pulls out a bright red camera and sets it on the shelf in front of him. It’s showtime.

The blank look that previously filled Jacob’s face is replaced by enthusiasm as he speaks with excitement and charisma. The silence of Austin is contrasted by Jacob’s energetic demeanor. “You try to be exciting because if you’re excited, the viewer probably will be too. You want them on the edge of their seat.” Says Peterson, as he reflects on how to captivate viewers in his vlog, or, video blog. Peterson continues to speak with passion as he records his latest video, one about finding the right living situation.

Peterson began his vlog “JakeHasAnApple” (JHAA) in the Spring of 2013 during his freshman year at SU. He says he’s always had an interest with vlogs and has wanted to create a YouTube channel for years. There was no intended target audience with JHAA, Peterson insists he started the channel just to make people laugh. “If I can put a smile on their face then I feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

Since it was created JHAA has had a diverse range of videos including vlogs, music videos, skits, and short films. Peterson says he likes to switch up the videos he makes for the audience so they never know what to expect. “I like submitting different things because it keeps you more exciting as a vlogger.” says Peterson. “I never try to make the same video twice.”

In the year that Peterson has started his YouTube channel, he’s garnered a steady following of nearly 100 subscribers. Peterson insists he doesn’t judge his channel based on how many subscribers or how many views he gets, but rather on the feedback he does get from his viewers. “It’s nice to have people mention what they like or don’t like about a video, because it shows that people care and they’re trying to help you improve,” remarks Peterson.

Jacob’s identity online differs from his personality in real life. In real life he admits he can be kind of a “downer” and quiet. When he’s vlogging, Jacob suddenly becomes “Jake” and turns on the charisma.

“It’s something that you just have to do if you want to make engaging videos,” says Peterson. “You have to kind of act different than how you normally would.”

The small, more-community oriented kind of relationship that Peterson has with his YouTube subscribers is not uncommon, and it shows a growing prevalence of vlogs on the internet. Four years ago, marketers discovered that over 40% of YouTube was vlogs, which has made their eyes see dollar signs. More and more vloggers are getting deals from companies to sell products, which is where the importance of a niche market comes into play.

Vloggers who target niche markets are more likely to make money off their work than just your typical vlogger who doesn’t talk about any specific topic. Makeup vloggers have become extremely successful, as there’s a steady stream of products that they can advertise on their channels. Makeup vloggers give reviews on different products, give tutorials, and answer viewer fan mail.

Having your own niche is vital if you want to make money as a vlogger. Some vloggers, such as Meghanrosette have become public figures through their vlogs and the various big name contracts they’ve signed.

But Peterson isn’t concerned about making money through his channel. Now a sophomore at SU, Peterson is studying Marketing and Psychology and is looking to head into the business world after graduating. He claims that his vlog has never and will never be about making money. He knows that there are ways to make money through his craft, but he says that it’ll just always be something he does to have a good time.